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Legal consultations are for individuals that need legal advice for a specific employment situation or document. For example, we provide consultations for individuals who need a contract, severance agreement, or non-compete reviewed, and who need advice and counsel regarding that document. We also provide consultations for individuals who need advice on how to handle a specific situation at work, such as a how to negotiate a departure from a difficult employment situation or how to blow the whistle on illegal activity. In our  consultations, we provide an explanation of the law, application to your facts, and develop a strategy on how best to handle your situation. While all situations are different, most consultations last 1-2 hours and are billed on an hourly basis.  Consultations can take place over the phone or in person, at the choice of the client.  Documents are typically submitted electronically prior to the consultation for efficiency.

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Please provide a brief description of why you are seeking an hourly appointment. We will contact you to discuss submission of documents or any other materials that need to be reviewed prior to the appointment.

By submitting this form, you understand that the standard consultation fee charged by the Cook Law Firm is $250-350/hour, depending on the services provided. You will be responsible for payment at the time of the consultation, either by check or credit card. There is no charge to submit this form, and you will only be charged if a consultation is scheduled and conducted.

Please note that submission of this form does not create an attorney-client relationship.