Our Firm

Why the Cook Law Firm?

Because in today’s litigation environment, almost every case is a high-stakes and hard-fought battle. The Cook Law Firm approaches each case with this fact in mind, giving each and every case the attention and resources necessary to provide the best results possible. Using our abilities and experience, we’ll provide you with full support.

Quality Representation

The attorneys at the Cook Law Firm are battle-tested trial lawyers that have litigated a variety of matters in the state and federal courts of Texas. The attorneys were educated at top law schools, are highly knowledgeable in their practice areas, and experienced in all aspects of the litigation process. Their experience includes substantial first-chair trial experience in trying cases to a verdict in state and federal court. They have achieved success on behalf of their clients in small matters and large matters, including favorable results against the largest companies represented by lawyers of the largest law firms. The Cook Law Firm has the ability and resources necessary to take on the most difficult of matters.

Attention to You and Your Case

At The Cook Law Firm, we take on only a limited number of cases. Our goal is not to churn out a large number of cases, but rather to work hard on a few cases at a time. Therefore, we give full attention to every case, and every one of our clients is an important client. We also make efforts to include clients in all aspects of the litigation process and to keep them apprised of the status of their case. In our experience, such a hands-on approach provides the best results for the people we represent.

An Attorney-Client Relationship That Matters

We have chosen to be lawyers in the areas in which we work because we like working on behalf of individuals to favorably resolve their disputes. Because we like working for individuals, we like working with individuals and have developed excellent personal relationships with many of our past and current clients.

Experience That Matters

Scott Cook is Board Certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in Labor & Employment Law, and Russell Cook is Board Certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in Personal Injury Law. Combining years of experience in their respective fields of law with the resultant experience of trials and the courtroom, The Cook Law Firm has the experience that matters for your representation. The significance of Board Certification is explained by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.