Physician Contract Review

Austin Physician Contract Review Attorney

Texas Physician Employment Contract Review Services 

  • Contract review for fairness with a consultation fully explaining the meaning of the contract, any proposed changes, and counsel regarding contract negotiation.
  • Review of non-compete clauses in physician employment contracts for enforceability; counsel regarding how to negotiate non-compete clauses before and after contract execution.
  • Drafting physician employment contracts for both individual employees and physician practices.
  • Assistance with and counsel regarding negotiating physician employment contracts.
  • Counsel to physicians having problems with their employer; advising physicians on their rights under the contract and providing counsel for methods on how to solve or escape the problem.

Why Should Physicians Have Their Contracts Reviewed?

Put simply, because the contract you are signing matters.  It will affect how much you are paid, the working conditions of your employment, under what circumstances you can be fired, your entitlement to severance if things don’t work out, when you can leave employment,  and what you can do after the contract is over (non-competition clauses). And while physician clients are consistently highly intelligent with a decent understanding of legal matters, Texas law as it applies to employment contracts is not self-apparent through reading a contract and can often diverge significantly from logic or common sense.  I have litigated numerous cases where one phrase in a contract, or even one or two words, was a main battleground for the dispute over hundreds of thousands of dollars. A physician should protect their legal rights and financial interest by having an attorney review their employment contract before signing it.

Why The Cook Law Firm?

Scott Cook in Board Certified in Labor and Employment Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization and has represented Texas physicians for more than a decade.  His representation has involved negotiating physician contracts, reviewing contracts for fairness, educating physicians on the meaning of their contracts, and litigating over physician contracts.  In litigation, Scott has represented individual physicians, and most recently, a physician practice. Litigation and conflict resolution over physician contracts–where the rubber meets the road–has provided invaluable insight into what matters most in physician employment contracts and how best to protect clients through contracting.  Finally, Scott enjoys working with physician clients and has established strong relationships with the physicians he has served through the years. 

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Further Resources Regarding Texas Physician Employment Contracts

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