Small Business Counsel

Austin Small Business Counsel Attorney

The Cook Law Firm provides employment law guidance to small businesses. While we typically represent employees, we also represent select small businesses regarding a variety of employment law matters. Since we are usually on the employee side, we bring a unique background to the representation of our employer clients. Put simply, we know a lot of the traps and pitfalls that an employer can fall into in the employment realm. Using that knowledge and the efficiency of our small firm, we can provide highly valuable representation at a lower cost than many employer-side firms.

The counsel we provide may be advising how to deal with a problem employee, drafting a handbook, drafting an employment contract, drafting a confidentiality agreement, drafting a non-compete agreement, or conducting an informational session on employment laws that are litigation hotbeds. We also provide audits to small businesses on compliance with anti-discrimination laws, wage and hour laws (FLSA), and employment contracts.

As a small business ourselves, we both enjoy working with other small businesses and understand the challenges that small businesses face. Since the majority of our work is on the employee side, we are very selective in the small businesses we represent. We will only work with employers who seek to comply with all laws and provide a fair and positive experience for their employees.

Small businesses we have represented include:

  •      A technology firm facing litigation over alleged misuse of proprietary information;
  •      A material supplier seeking advice on employment contracts after being purchased by another company;
  •      A home-health company facing litigation over wage and hour violations;
  •      A restaurant in a niche market seeking non-compete and confidentiality agreements for its employees;
  •      A health services firm seeking employment law advice and documents for its employees;
  •      A physician’s practice seeking contracts for its doctors; and
  •      A law firm seeking counsel regarding anti-discrimination laws.

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